Accessing On-screen manuals - PIXMA Printers

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Accessing On-screen manuals - PIXMA Printers


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Accessing On-screen Manuals - iP Printers

The On-screen manuals are copied to the computer during the installation process. The installation puts icons on the Windows desktop which can be clicked to access the manual(s).


  1. For Windows XP, select 'Start', 'All Programs'.
    For Windows versions other than Windows XP, select 'Start', 'Programs'.

  2. Select 'Canon iPxxxx Manual' from the menu that appears, and then click on 'iPxxxx On-screen Manual'.

    (This example is based on the iP6600D)

  3. On the menu that appears select the manual / guide that you wish to open. Some of the guides listed below may not be available depending on your printer model.



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