Features of unit

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Features of unit


Features of unit

Fax Features

UHQTM Image Processing System
The machine uses Canon's Ultra High Quality Image Processing System to provide enhanced definition in faxed photos.
Error Correction Mode (ECM)
The machine's Error Correction Mode (ECM) reduces transmission errors while communicating with another ECM-capable machine.
Automatic switching between fax and voice calls
The machine can automatically distinguish between fax and voice calls, so that you can receive through a single phone line.
Answering machine connection
You can connect an answering machine to receive telephone messages while you are away.
Transmission speed
The memory uses G3 data encoding methods that increase transmission speed to approx. 3 seconds per page (based on Canon Fax Standard Chart No.1, standard mode).
Memory sending/receiving
The machine can store up to 450 fax pages in its memory, and can receive faxes while printing.
Reduce-size printing
The machine automatically scales received faxes to fit the size of the paper loaded in the machine.
Automatic dialing and broadcasting
For easier faxing, the machine provides One-Touch Speed Dialing, Coded-Speed Dialing, and Group Dialing methods for automatic dialing. It also allows you to broadcast or send a fax at a present time to as many as 142 locations.

Printer Features

Excellent print quality
The machine offers 1200 dpi enhanced x 600 dpi laser beam printing, providing you with high resolution text and graphics.
Simple maintenance
The S35 Cartridge for the machine contains the toner and drum, making installation and replacement simple.
Economy toner-saving printing
The machine includes an economy printing mode which allows you to reduce toner consumption by approximately 30%.

Copier Features

Up to 99 copies
The machine can make up to 99 copies of a document at a time, at a rate of up to 19 copies per minute on LTR-size paper.
The machine scans documents at 300 x 300 dpi. Printing resolution is 1200 dpi enhanced x 600 dpi.
Copy enlargement/reduction
The machine can reduce or enlarge copies in the range between 50% and 200% of their original size.
Collate copy
The machine can sort copies in page order. It is convenient when you make multiple page documents.

Telephone Features

Automatic dialing
The machine's automatic dialing methods (One-Touch Speed Dialing, Coded Speed Dialing, and Group Dialing) can be used to store phone and fax numbers for easy and efficient calling.
Connection for the handset, an answering machine, or a telephone
Connecting the handset or a telephone to the machine allows you to use it to make and receive normal telephone calls. In addition, connecting an answering machine allows you to receive faxes and phone messages while you are away from your desk.



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