Energy Saver Mode

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Energy Saver Mode


Energy Saver Mode

The machine provides an energy saver function. When no operations are performed for about 5 minutes, the machine automatically enters the energy saver mode.

  • The time until the machine enters the energy saver mode can be specified in a range of 3 minutes to 30 minutes. You can also turn off the energy saver function.
  • The energy saver function does not activate when the machine is in the following status:
    - When printing out copies, faxes or other pages
    - When sending or receiving faxes
    - While a copy job is saved in memory or when the reserve copy or other functions are operating, or when the "In Use/Memory" indicator lights up
    - When paper jams occur
    - When an error code appears and the Alarm indicator flashes
    - When no paper is loaded in the cassette

Setting the Energy Saver Mode Manually

  1. Press <Energy Saver>.
    The LCD is turned off and [Energy Saver] lights up.

    Right after the machine is restored from the energy saver mode, or right after copying finishes, wait about 2 seconds before pressing <Energy Saver>.

Restoring from the Energy Saver Mode

  1. Press <Energy Saver>.
    <Energy Saver> goes off and the machine enters standby mode.

    The machine can be restored from the energy saver mode immediately. However, it may vary according to room temperature and circumstances.



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