Replacing the cartridge on L170

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Replacing the cartridge on L170


Replacing the Cartridge

The machine uses a Canon S35 cartridge.

When the message [REPLACE CARTRIDGE] appears, the toner in the cartridge may simply be unevenly distributed. Before replacing the cartridge, rock the cartridge to evenly distribute the toner. If after doing this the message remains displayed or the print quality is low, replace the cartridge.

The S35-S is a starter cartridge that comes with your machine and yields approx. 2,500 page of printouts, while the S35 cartridge you purchase can yield approx. 3,500 pages of printout.

  1. Remove any documents and/or printed pages from the machine..

  2. Make sure the machine is plugged in.

  3. Remove the cartridge from the bag. Keep the bag in a safe place for future use.

  4. Gently rock the cartridge several times to evenly distribute the toner inside.

    Always hold the cartridge as shown so that the side with the instructions are facing upward. Do not forcefully move or push the protective shutter of the drum in any way.

  5. Hold the cartridge on a flat stable surface with one hand, and break the tab and pull out the seal completely with the other hand.

  6. Open the printer cover.

    If you are replacing the old cartridge with the new one, remove the old cartridge from the machine. Then, discard the old toner cartridge immediately according to the local laws and regulations for disposal of consumables.

  7. Hold the cartridge and position the arrow mark on the cartridge towards the inside of the machine.

  8. Align the projections (A) on sides of the cartridge to the guides (B) in the machine and slide the cartridge completely into the machine.

  9. Close the printer cover.



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