Make sure that the plug is plugged in correctly, and that the outlet works.
Article ID: ART155218 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Check that the plug is inserted into the main power outlet correctly and pushed in all the way. You may want to try another outlet.


Turning the Power ON and OFF - VC-C50i / VC-C50iR

The VC-C50i/VC-C50iR camera does not have a power switch. You can switch the camera on by plugging the AC adapter into a wall outlet. When power to the camera is switched on, the LED on the camera turns green. If the monitor is switched on, an image appears on the screen. You can power the camera off using the on the wireless controller.

Connecting the camera to a power source:

  1. Connect the camera to the AC adapter.

  2. Connect the AC adapter to the AC cable.

  3. Connect the AC cable to and AC outlet.

  • Whenever you turn the camera on, the first use of the PC or wireless controller to control the camera initializes the camera head position. (Initialization takes several seconds.) The LED on the camera flashes green (at 1-second intervals) during initialization.
  • Never touch the camera head during initialization. This could prevent successful initialization and cause faults.
  • Wait at least five seconds before turning the power back on after shutting it off. Turning it on too quickly may result in a malfunction.
  • Observe all the safety instrunctions and precautions in the user manual.

LED Displays and the Camera Status

LED Display

Camera Status


Camera is on.

Blinking green

At 0.1-sec. intervals Wireless controller button being used.
At 0.5-sec. intervals Storing or restoring a preset, or displaying a setting menu.
At 1-sec. intervals Camera head position initialization in progress.


Individual camera operation in progress and this camera is not selected.

Blinking orange

At 0.1-sec. intervals Camera is not selected for individual operation and is being controlled from the wireless controller.
At 0.5-sec. intervals The camera is being selected or deselected for individual operation.


Camera has been turned off using the wireless controller, but it is plugged in.


Power is off. (Power is not connected to the camera.)