Adjusting the LCD screen PowerShot A610 and A620

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Adjusting the LCD screen PowerShot A610 and A620


Opening the LCD Monitor
PowerShot A610 & A620

The LCD monitor can be used to check an image during shooting, to play back recorded images or to adjust menu settings. It can be opened to the following range of positions.

1. Opened right to left 180 degrees.
2. Tilted forward 180 degrees toward the lens or backward 90 degrees.
  • When tilted forward 180 degrees toward the lens, the image shown on the LCD monitor is automatically flipped and reversed so that it appears correctly from in front of the lens.

* This reverse display function can be turned off.

3. Close the LCD monitor with the LCD monitor facing out.
  • When the LCD monitor clicks into place against the camera body, the image will return to its original, nonreversed orientation.

  • When not using the camera, close the LCD monitor with the monitor facing in to protect it. The LCD monitor will automatically turn off when it clicks shut against the camera body.
  • The LCD monitor on or off setting is retained even after the camera power is turned off.
  • The LCD monitor does not shut off in the , or mode.
  • The LCD monitor will not switch to the detailed display in the index playback mode.
  • When shooting in dark conditions, the camera automatically brightens the LCD monitor to suit the brightness of the subject*, making it easier to frame the subject.

* Noise will appear, and the movements of the subject will appear irregular in the LCD monitor. The recorded image will not be affected. The brightness of the image displayed in the monitor, and the brightness of the actual image recorded will be different.



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