Using Custom Mode - PowerShot A610 and A620

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Using Custom Mode - PowerShot A610 and A620


Using Custom Mode - PowerShot A610 and A620

You can save frequently used shooting modes and various shooting settings to the C (Custom) mode. When necessary, you can then shoot images with previously saved settings by simply turning the mode dial to C.

Settings that are not memorized when the shooting mode is changed or when the power is turned off (such as continuous shooting or self-timer) are also remembered.

1.  Turn on the camera, and set the mode switch to .
  • The mode dial must be set to P, Av, Tv, M, or C.

2.  Switch to the shooting mode you wish to save and set the settings.

  • To change some of the settings saved in C (other than shooting mode), select C.
  • Functions which can be saved in C.
    • Shooting mode (P, Tv, Av, M)
    • Items which can be set in P, Tv, Av and M modes
    • Rec. menu settings
    • Zoom location
    • Manual focus location
3.  Press the <MENU> button, and in the Rec. menu, select [Save Settings..], and press <FUNC./SET>.
4.  Select [OK], and press <FUNC./SET>  

  • The setting contents do not influence other shooting modes.
  • [Reset All..] function: When the camera is in shooting mode and the shooting mode dial is set to C, only settings registered in C will reset to default values. The settings will not reset to default values in other cases.

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Additional Information

Items which can be set in P, Tv, Av and M modes

Resolution Compression Flash on/off Red-eye reduction
Slow synchro Flash adjust Flash compensation Flash output
Flash sync Drive mode AF frame AF lock
Manual focus Macro mode Digital zoom on/off Safety shift on/off
Exposure compensation Metering system AE lock FE lock
White balance Photo effect ISO speed Reverse display on/off
Auto rotate Date stamp Grid lines on/off  

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