Printer Settings Menu L170

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Printer Settings Menu


Printer Settings Menu

Settings Description
1.PRESET PRINT QTY Sets the standard number of pages of the printer function.
01 to 99 (01)
2.AUTO ERROR SKIP Sets either printing with skipping an error automatically,
or without skipping an error.
         ON The auto error skip is on. The error is skipped and shifted
to the next job automatically without indicating an error
         OFF The auto error skip is off. Skip the error and shift to the
next job manually.
 3.ERROR TIME OUT Sets the length of time before the machine returns an error
when no data is received from the computer.
         ON The error time out is on. Sets time out period 005SEC to
300SEC. (015SEC)
         OFF The error time out is off.
4.PRINTER RESET Cancels the job currently being received and the job
already received.

Note: Default settings are shown in bold type.



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