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Copy Settings Menu


Copy Settings Menu

Name Description
1.STD. IMAGEQUALITY Select the document type.
TEXT ORIGINAL:Character mode
TEXT/PHOTO*1 : Text/photo mode
PHOTO*1 : Photo mode
2.STANDARD EXPOSURE Select the auto or manual mode of exposure setting..
         AUTO*2 The exposure is adjusted automatically.
         MANUAL The exposure is adjusted manually. The exposure
can be adjusted in 9 steps. (center)
3.STD ZOOM RATIO Selects the copy ratio 050% to 200%. (100%)
4.STANDARD COPY QTY Select the copy quantity. 01 to 99 (01).
5.AUTO SORT Set the auto sort.
      ON The auto sort function is turned on.
      OFF  The auto sort function is turned off.
6.PAPER SIZE GROUP The paper size group can be selected. If the paper
size group is changed, the preset copy ratios will
       INCH Preset copy ratios: 50%, 64%, 78%, 100%, 129%,
       A Preset copy ratios: 50%, 70%, 100%, 141%, 200%
       AB      Preset copy ratios: 50%, 70%, 81%, 86%, 100%,
115%, 141%, 200%
7.SHARPNESS Black and white of an image can be sharpened. When
you want to make characters and lines clear, select a
big number. When you make copies of photographs,
select a small number. 1 to 9 (5)

*1 STANDARD EXPOSURE automatically changes to MANUAL when TEXT/PHOTO or PHOTO is selected.

*2 STD. IMAGEQUALITY automatically changes to TEXT ORIGINAL when AUTO is selected.

Note: Default settings are shown in bold type.



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