Procedure for changing metering mode PowerShot A75, A85

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Procedure for changing metering mode PowerShot A75, A85


Switching Between Light Metering Modes

You can switch between metering modes to shoot.

Evaluative Light Metering

Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlight scenes. The camera divides images into several zones for light metering. The camera evaluates the complex lighting conditions, such as the position of the subject, the brightness, the background, the direct light, and the backlighting, and adjusts the settings to the correct exposure for the main subject.

Center-Weighted Averaging

Averages the exposure from the entire image, but places more weight on the subject at the center. Use this mode when the subject is backlit or surrounded by bright light.

Spot AE Point

Meters the area within the spot AE point frame at the center of the LCD monitor. Use this setting when you want to set the exposure on the subject in the center of the monitor.

1. Press the button to turn on the LCD monitor.

2. Press the button.

3. Select * (Evaluative) using the up or down button.

* The current setting is displayed.

4. Select a light metering mode using the left or right button.

5. Press the button.

6. Shoot the image.

  • This operation is only available in P, Tv, Av, and M modes.



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