Relay Initiation (L120)

Article ID: ART155347 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 01/21/2016


Relay Initiation


Relay Initiation

Relay initiation allows you to send a document to a remote machine (relay station), which in turn sends the document to other destinations. How the document is handled after it reaches the relay station depends on what function is registered in the station's subaddress.

  1. Load a document.

  2. Press <Add. Mode> twice.

  3. Use <Up/Down> to select [5 RELAY INITIATE?], then press <Set>.

  4. Use the numeric buttons, one-touch speed dialing button, coded speed dialing code, or directory dialing to specify the relay station, then press <Set>.

  5. Use the numeric buttons to change or enter the relay station's subaddress (up to 20 digits), then press <Set>.

  6. Use the numeric buttons to change or enter the password (up to 20 digits).

    If no password is required, skip to step 7.

  7. Press <Start>.



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