Entering sender information L120

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Entering sender information


Entering Sender Information

  1. Press <Menu>.

  2. Use <Up/Down> to select [USER SETTING?], then press <Set>

  3. Use <Up/Down> to select [1 DATE&TIME?], then press <Set>.

  4. Use the numeric buttons to enter hour (in 24-hour format), minute, year, month, and day, and press <Set> twice.

  5. Use <Up/Down> to select [2 USER FAX NO.?], then press <Set>.

  6. Use the numeric buttons to enter your fax number (up to 20 digits), then press <Set> twice.

  7. Use <Up/Down> to select [3 USER NAME?], then press <Set>.

  8. Use the numeric buttons to enter the user name (up to 32 characters), then press <Set>.
    Press <#> to enter a space.

  9. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to standby mode.



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