Procedure for using Macro Mode PowerShot A610 and A620 and A700

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Procedure for using Macro Mode PowerShot A610 and A620 and A700


Macro Mode - PowerShot A610 & A620 & A700

Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items.

  • Macro mode is not available in mode, or when using SCN mode set to or .

Image Area at Minimum Shooting Distance from End of Lens to Subject
  • @ Maximum wide angle setting: 22 x 16 mm (0.9 x 0.6 in.). Minimum shooting distance: 1 cm (0.4 in.)
  • @ Maximum telephoto setting: 76 x 57 mm (3.0 x 2.2 in.). Minimum shooting distance: 25 cm (9.8 in.)

1. Turn on the camera, and set the mode switch to .
2. Press the () button.
  • The icon appears on the LCD monitor.
  • To cancel the macro mode, press the button again.
3. Shoot the picture.

The indicator beside the viewfinder will light yellow when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

  • Use the LCD monitor to compose close-ups in macro mode since images composed with the viewfinder may be off-center.
  • The exposure may not be optimal when the flash is used in macro mode in the range of 1 - 25 cm (0.4 in. - 9.8 in.).



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