Registering coded speed dial on B95

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Registering coded speed dial on B95.


Registering Coded Speed Dialing

Use coded speed dialing to dial a fax number at the press of three buttons. A fax/telephone number can be registered under each two-digit code and you can register up to 70 locations. You can also register the name of the party and a voice tag, the name appears on the printout of the coded speed dialing list.

See below for B95 Operation Panel

  1. Press <Function>.

  2. Use [<] or [>] to select [TEL. REGISTRATION].

  3. Press <Start/Copy>.

  4. Use [<] or [>] to select [CODED SPEED DIAL].

  5. Press <Start/Copy>.

  6. Use [<] or [>] to select the two-digit code (01-70) to register the speed dial.
    If a number is already registered under this coded speed dialing code, the number is displayed on the LCD.

  7. Use the numeric keys to enter the fax/telephone number you want to register (50 digits, including spaces and pauses).

  8. Press <Start/Copy>.

  9. Use the numeric keys to enter a name for the one-touch speed dialing key (maximum 16 characters, including spaces).

  10. Press <Start/Copy>.

  11. To register (record) a voice tag for this speed dial, go to step 12.
    1. To delete the name and number registered under the one-touch speed dialing button, press <Clear> and then <Start/Copy> after repeating steps one to five.
    2. Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.

  12. Press <*> to select [YES] and register a voice tag for the speed dial or press <#> to select [NO].

  13. If you selected YES in step 12, prepare to record the party's name.
    1. After a tone is heard, speak the party's name into the microphone.

    2. When prompted to repeat the party's name, state the party's name again.

    3. If you selected NO in step 12, proceed to step 14.

  14. To assign additional one-touch speed dialing numbers, start from step 6.
    To finish, press <Stop>

If voice tag registration failes three consecutive times, registration will end. If this happens, start again from step 6.

FAXPHONE B95 Operator Panel

Click on either One-touch or TAM buttons for detailed information.

One-touch Buttons


TAM Buttons




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