How to focus manual with the GL2.

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How to focus manual with the GL2.


The camcorder focuses automatically. All you have to do is point, and whatever is in the center of the display will usually be in sharp focus. If it does not seem to be focusing well, it may be because the subject is not suitable for autofocus. Also, if you attach a filter other than UV or ND, the autofocus may not work effectively.

  1. Slide the program selector to .

  2. Push the FOCUS A/M button so that MF appears in the display.

  3. Using the zoom lever, zoom all the way in to the telephoto end.

  4. Rotate the focusing ring to adjust the focus.

  5. Use the zoom lever to reframe the subject.

    • To resume autofocus, press the FOCUS A/M button again.


  • The picture in the LCD screen may appear out of focus when shooting in dark conditions.

  • When zooming during manual focus, zoom out wide after setting the focus at the telephoto end.

  • The focus may be thrown off if you zoom into telephoto after setting the focus at the wide angle end.

  • Autofocus is recommended for zooming in to telephoto from the wide end.

  • If you slide the POWER switch to OFF or the standby lever to LOCK, the camcorder resets to auto focus.



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