How to digitally output analog audio and video signals (Analog-Digital converter) on the GL2.

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How to digitally output analog audio and video signals (Analog-Digital converter) on the GL2.


Connecting the camcorder to your VCR or 8 mm video camera allows conversion of recorded analog video and audio signals to digital signals in an instant. The digital signals can be output to the other equipment with a DV terminal. The camcorder' s DV terminal works exclusively as an output terminal.
  • There may be cases where analog-digital conversion cannot be done properly, depending on the signals output from the connected equipment.

    For example: Signals that include the copyright protective signal, or anomalous signals such as ones that include ghost signals, etc.
  • You are recommended to use power from a household power source with a power adapter.
  • Do not operate with a cassette inserted to the camcorder.
  • Turn off the power of all equipment before performing connections.
  • Refer also to the instruction manuals of the other equipment connected.

Above illustration shows the connection using a S-video cable. You can also connect the yellow plug to the VIDEO terminal instead.

To turn the analog-digital converter on, open the menu and select VCR SET UP. Then select AV DV OUT, set it to ON and close the menu.


  • For normal use, set AV DV OUT to OFF through the menu. If it is set to ON, you cannot input digital signals through the camcorder' s DV terminal.

  • If you attempt to perform analog-digital conversion with a cassette inserted to the camcorder, the converted signals may not be output to the connected digital video equipment.

  • When connecting to a PC equipped with a DV terminal, you may not be able to transfer converted signals to your PC, depending on the software you are using, and the specifications of your PC and its settings.



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