How to adjust the audio recording levels on the GL2.

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How to adjust the audio recording levels on the GL2.


When you play back a tape that was recorded in 12-bit mode, you can set the audio output to stereo 1 (the original sound), stereo 2 (any new sound, dubbed to the tape after recording), or mix the balance between the two.

  • Audio from the 16-bit mode only contains stereo 1 sound and so you cannot/do not need to select the audio mix. The same applies to the 12-bit stereo 1 mode, unless new sound has been added post-recording.

Select the output channel.

  • Press AUDIO MONITOR on the wireless controller.

  • Starting with the last selected setting, 4 settings appear as you push the button:

    • STEREO1 for just stereo 1.

    • STEREO2 for just stereo 2.

    • MIX/FIXED for an equal mix of stereo 1 and 2.

    • MIX/VARI. (mix variable) for when you want to mix the balance between stereo 1 and 2.

  • If you choose MIX/VARI., you can go on to mix the balance.

  • Use the ST-1/ST-2 buttons to mix the balance. A bar showing the balance appears on the screen for 4 seconds.


  • When you have chosen the output, STEREO1, STEREO2, MIX/FIXED or MIX/VARI. is shown in the top left of the display for a few seconds. If you turn the power off, the output becomes set to STEREO1.

Selecting Audio Output Channels

When you play back a tape whose audio has been recorded on multiple channels, you can change the output channels of that sound.

  1. Load a tape recorded with multiple-channel audio.

  2. Open the menu and select VCR SET UP. Then select OUTPUT CH, set it to the desired setting and close the menu.

    • Refer to the following list.

      OUTPUT CH Setting

      Playback Sound

      Tape Recorded With

      Stereo Sound

      Tape Recorded On

      Multiple Channels


      L+R channels

      main + sub


      L channel only

      main only


      R channel only

      sub only



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