Setting the Scanning Resolution

Article ID: ART155891 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


Setting the Scanning Resolution


Setting the Scanning Resolution

You can set the scanning resolution of documents you send. The higher the resolution the higher the output quality at the other end, but the slower the transmission speed. Adjust the scanning resolution according to the type of document you are sending.

If you are sending a document that requires some pages to be scanned at different resolution form the others, you can change the resolution setting while the document is being scanned. However, please note that the new setting will only be effective form the next page scanned.

  1. Press <Image Quality> repeatedly until the resolution setting you want is displayed.
    • You can select from the following:
    - FAX STANDARD (suitable for most text-only documents.
    - FAX FINE (suitable for fine-print documents.
    - FAX PHOTO (suitable for documents that contain images such as photos. With this setting, areas of the document that contain photos are automatically scanned with 64 levels of gray, rather than just in black & white.
    - SUPER FINE (suitable for documents that contain fine print and images. This setting is four times the resolution of the FAX STANDARD setting.

  2. Continue with the operation you are performing.
    • If you do not proceed with any other operation, the LCD returns to standby mode after about 10 seconds.



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