Clearing jam from inside the machine (L120)

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Clearing jam from inside the machine


Clearing Paper Jams From Inside The Machine

When paper jams in the machine, the LCD displays [PAPER JAM] and [OPEN CARTRIDGE COVER]. Try to remove jammed paper from inside the machine first, then from the paper feeder if necessary. Check the following if you experience repeated paper jams.:

- Fan and tap the paper stack on a flat surface before loading it in the machine.
- Check that the paper you are using meets the requirements for use.
- Make sure you have removed any scraps of paper from inside the machine.

Inside the Machine

  1. Close the paper delivery tray extension (A), and then the paper delivery tray (B) itself.

    Caution: Do not close the paper delivery tray without folding the extension first.
  2. Open the cartridge cover by the notch (A).

    Caution: Always open the cartridge cover first before removing jammed paper inside the machine.
  3. Remove the cartridge.

    - Always hold the cartridge by its handle.
    - To avoid exposing the cartridge to light, place it in its protective bag or wrap it in a thick cloth.
  4. Carefully pull jammed paper out of the machine.

    - Do not touch the fixing assembly (A) as it becomes very hot during use.
    - Do not touch the pins (B) or the transfer roller (C) as this can damage the machine.
    - If you tear the paper, remove any torn pieces to avoid further jams.
    - If loose toner comes into contact with your skin or clothing, wash with cold water. Warm water will set the toner.


  5. Hold the cartridge by its handle.

    The arrow (A) on the cartridge should be facing away from you and pointing down.
  6. Insert the cartridge into the machine as far as it will go.

    Align the guide (A) on the left side of the cartridge with the groove inside the machine.
  7. Close the cartridge cover.

    Be careful not to get your fingers caught.
  8. Open the paper delivery tray and the extension.



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