Fax Error Codes for L120

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Fax Error Codes for L120


Error Codes

An error code is a four-digit code displayed on the LCD or in the bottom row of a TX Result Report or an RX Result Report when an error occurs.

See the table below for individual error codes.

Error Code Description Action
    0001 The sender may not be using a G3 fax machine. Make sure the sender's machine is compatible with your machine
    0070 Reception was manually canceled on the machine. Ask the sender to resend the document if necessary.
    0071 The machine's memory is full. Print, send, or delete any documents stored in memory.
    0080 The recipient's machine did not respond within 35 seconds. Resend the document. Ask the other party to check their machine. If you are making an overseas call, add a pause to the number.
    008D The recipient's machine has run out of paper. Ask the recipient to make sure that paper is loaded in their machine.
    00A0 Transmission was manually canceled on the machine. Resend the document if necessary.
    00A1 There is a document jam. Clear the document jam.
    00FF All redialing attempts have failed. Check if the recipient's number is correct or the telephone cable is properly connected, and try again.




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