Sending a fax using One-Touch Speed Dial

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Sending a fax using One-Touch Speed Dial


Sending a fax using One-Touch Speed Dial

Once you have registered your numbers under One-Touch Speed Dial buttons, you can use them to send documents as follows:

  1. Load the document in the ADF.

  2. Press <Fax>.
    If you are already in the Fax standby mode, you can skip this step.

  3. Adjust any necessary settings for your document.
    • Press <Image Quality> to select the fax resolution.
    • Press <Exposure> to select the scan density.

  4. Press the One-Touch Speed Dial button assigned to the number you wish to fax.

    • The name registered under that One-Touch Speed Dial button is displayed. If no name is registered, the number registered under that button will be displayed.
    • If you mistakenly press the wrong One-Touch Speed Dial button, press <Stop/Reset>, then press the correct button.
    • If no fax number is assigned to the One-Touch Speed Dial button you press, the LCD displays [NOT REGISTERED]. If this happens, make sure you press the correct button and that the number you want to dial is registered under that button.

  5. Press <Start>.
    • If you do not press <Start> within 5 seconds of pressing the One-Touch Speed Dial button, the machine will begin sending automatically. If you do not want the machine to send automatically, you need to change the [TIME OUT] setting.
    • If an error occurs during sending, the machine will print an error report. If this happens, try sending the fax again.

    You can also use One-Touch Speed Dialing to send a document to more than one location at a time.
    Changing image quality can affect transmission times.



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