Setting Up Automatic Redialing

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Setting Up Automatic Redialing


Setting Up Automatic Redialing

With memory sending, you can set the machine to automatically dial the fax number again if the receiving machine does not answer or if the line is busy. You can also control how many times the machine will redial the number and how long it will wait between dialing attempts

You can set up the following options for automatic redialing:

  • Whether or not the machine redials automatically
  • The number of times the machine attempts redialing
  • The time interval between redialing attempts

  1. Press <Menu>.

  2. Press <> or <> to select [4.FAX SETTINGS], then press <Set>.

  3. Press <> or <> to select [3.TX SETTINGS], then press <Set>.

  4. Press <> or <> to select [3.AUTO REDIAL], then press <Set>.

  5. Press <> or <> to select [ON] to enable automatic redialing or [OFF] to disable it, then press <Set>.
    • If you selected [ON]: Go to step 6.
    • If you selected [OFF]: Go to step 8.

  6. Press <Set> again, then use <>, <>, or the numeric buttons to enter the number of times you want the machine to redial, then press <Set> twice.

  7. Press <>, <>, or the numeric buttons to select the time interval between redialing, then press <Set>.

  8. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to standby mode.



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