Delayed Sending with the L170

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Delayed Sending with the L170


Delayed Sending

Your machine allows you to scan a document into its memory and sent it automatically at a preset time. By using this feature, you can take advantage of lower long distance rates at night, for example. You can set up to 142 destinations and up to 20 reservations for delayed sending.

  1. Load the document in the ADF.

  2. Press <Fax>.
    If you are already in the Fax standby mode, you can skip this step.

  3. Adjust any necessary settings for your document.
    • Press <Image Quality> to select the fax resolution.
    • Press <Exposure> to select the scan density.

  4. Open One-Touch Speed Dial panel, then press <Delayed Transmission>.

  5. Use the numeric buttons to enter the time at which you want to send the document, then press <Set>.

    Enter the time using 24-hour clock system. Precede single digits with a zero.
    7:30 a.m. = 07:30
    11:30 p.m.=23:30

  6. Enter the destination(s) using any of the following 4 methods.

    One-Touch Speed Dialing:
    Press the desired One-Touch Speed Dial button(s).
    Coded Speed Dialing:
    Press <Coded Dial>, then enter the two-digit code (00-99) using the numeric buttons.
    Be sure to press <Coded Dial> before each code.
    Directory Dialing:
    Press <Directory>, then enter the first letter of the name of the party you are searching for.
    Regular Dialing:
    Enter the number using the numeric buttons or <Redial/Pause>.
    You can enter 10 numbers.
    Be sure to press <Set> after your entry with the numeric buttons.

    If you make a mistake, open One-Touch Speed Dial panel, then press <Delete> to delete the last number, or press <Clear> to delete all numbers you entered when you use the numeric buttons.

  7. Press <Start>.
    The machine scans the document into memory.

    • If the machine memory becomes full while scanning your document, [MEMORY FULL] appears in the LCD display. If this happens, you cannot send the document at a delayed time.
    • You can only register one preset sending operation at a time.
    • The machine is multitasking machine, so you can send, receive, print, and copy other documents even when you have set the machine for delayed sending.
    • The machine can print a list of document stored in memory (DOCUMENT MEMORY LIST), along with the transaction number of each document. The document to be sent using delayed sending will be listed as [DELAYED TX] OR [DEL SQ BDCST].

    When the set time comes, the machine dials and sends the document.



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