Setting receive mode L170

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Setting receive mode


Receive mode options

Determine the receive mode that best suits your needs. From the receive mode menu, select from the following.

Receive Mode Main Use Operation Requirements
Fax/Tel Mode Fax/Tel Automatically switch between fax and voice calls. Faxes will be received automatically, and the machine will ring for voice calls. Handset or the extension telephone connected to your machine.
MANUAL MODE Tel Rings for every call, whether a fax call or a voice call. For a fax call, you have to manually activate reception of a fax. Handset or the extension telephone connected to your machine.
FAX ONLY MODE Fax Answers all calls as fax calls. It receives faxes automatically and disconnects voice calls. Separate telephone line for fax use only..
ANS.MACHINE MODE Fax/Tel Receives documents automatically and the answering machine records voice messages.. Answering machine conneced to your unit.
DRPD Fax/Tel Rings differently depending on whether a call is a fac or voice call. Subscription to a DRPD service. Handset or the extension telephone connected to your unit.

 The telephone or answering machine must be connected as illustrated by the blue arrows in the magnified view.

Set the machine receive mode as follows:

  1. Open One-Touch Speed Dial panel, then press <Receive Mode>.
    The LCD display shows the current receive mode setting.

  2. If you want to change the receive mode, press <Receive Mode> repeatedly until the mode you want appears, then press <Set>.

    Each time you press <Receive Mode>, the receive mode changes in the following order:
    FaxOnly -> DRPD -> Manual -> AnsMode -> FaxTel -> FaxOnly -> ....



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