Receiving faxes using Manual Mode L170

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Receiving faxes using Manual Mode


Receiving faxes using Manual Mode

To use this mode, you must have the handset or a telephone connected to the machine. In Manual Mode, the machine rings every time it receives a call, whether the call is from a telephone or a fax machine.

Make sure the [REMOTE RX] setting in the [RX SETTING] menu is enabled.

If you use your machine with Manual Mode, answer incoming calls as follows:

  1. When the handset or the telephone rings, pick up the receiver

    • If you hear a person's voice:
      Start your conversation. If the caller wants to send a document after talking to you, ask them to press the start button their fax machine. When you hear a beep, press <Start> to begin receiving the document, then hang up.

    • If you hear a slow beep or silence:
      A fax machine is trying to send you a document.
      Press <Start> on the machine, then hang up.
      Enter the two-digit ID code from the telephone, then hang up.

    • The machine then begins receiving the document. (This is particularly convenient if your telephone is located away from the machine.)
    • If you do not hang up after pressing <Start> or the two-digit ID code, the machine beeps intermittenly after you receive the document. (You can turn the beeping off by disabling the [OFFHOOK ALARM] in the [USER SETTINGS] menu.

      If you have an answering machine connected to your machine that can carry out remote-control operations (controlling your answering machine from a remote telephone), the security code for this function may be the same as the two-digit ID code described above. If so, make sure you change the machine two-digit ID code to make it distinct from the answering machine's security code.



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