Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs L170

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Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs L170


Receiving faxes in memory when a problem occurs

The machine will automatically receive incoming faxes into its memory if it encounters a problem that prevents it from printing normally. The LCD will display [RECEIVED IN MEMORY] and a message showing the problem. See below the error messages, their cause and the action you need to take to correct the problem.

The machine's memory can store up to approximately 450 pages (based on ITU-T No.1 Chart, standard mode)
Once the pages are printed, they are deleted from memory.
If the machine's memory becomes full, you will not be able to receive the remaining pages. Contact the other party and ask them to resend the remainder of the fax.

If the machine receives a document into its memory, the LCD displays one of the following messages. These messages show the action you must take to correct the problem.

Cause: The toner cartridge ran out of toner or is not installed properly.
Action: Make sure the cartridge is installed properly, and install a new one if necessary.

Cause: The machine ran out of paper.
Action: Add paper to the paper cassette/multi-purpose feeder.

Cause: A paper jam has occurred.
Action: Clear the jam.

Cause: Over capacity on the output tray.
Action: Take out sheets from the output tray and clear the paper jam. Once you have corrected the problem, the machine automatically prints the documents stored in memory.



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