Entering Pauses L170

Article ID: ART156206 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


Entering Pauses


Entering Pauses

Enter pauses if required when you dial or register an overseas number.

  1. During dialing registration, when you come to a step that asks you to enter a number for dialing, use the numeric buttons to enter the number.

  2. To enter a pause within a number, press <Redial/Pause>.
    • To enter a pause at the end of a number, press <Redial/Pause>.
    • A pause entered within a number (p) is 2 seconds long.
    • If necessary, you can adjust the length of a pause within a number.
    • To make a longer pause within a number, press <Redial/Pause> again. Each pause adds 2 seconds to the length of the pause.
    • A pause at the end of a number (p) is fixed to 10 seconds.



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