Printing a Speed Dial List L170

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Printing a Speed Dial List


Printing a Speed Dial List

Your machine can print speed dialing lists. These lists allow you to review the numbers and names registered under One-Touch Speed dial buttons and Coded Speed Dialing codes (including Group Dialing numbers).

  1. Press <Menu>.

  2. Press <> or <> to select [8.PRINT LISTS], then press <Set>.

  3. Press <> or <> to select [2.SPEED DIAL LIST], then press <Set>.

  4. Press <> or <> to select the list you want to print, then press <Set>.

    You can select from the following:
    - [1-TOUCH LIST]

    If you selected [1-TOUCH LIST] or [CODED DIAL LIST], press <> or <> to select [SORT] or [NO SORT] depending on what order you want the destinations to be printed:

    Select [1.NO SORT] to print the list in key number order, then press <Set>.
    Select [2.SORT] to print the list with the names of the destinations in alphabetical order, then press <Set>.

    The machine prints the list and the LCD returns to standby mode.

    You can also print the list using <Report>. Open One-Touch Speed Dialing panel, press <Report>, select {2.SPEED DIAL LIST], select a report you want to print out, then press <Set>.

  5. Use or to select [1-TOUCH LIST].

  6. Press <Set> to print report.

  7. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to standby mode.



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