Recording video using the XL2 and XL H1 series camcorders

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Recording video using the XL2 and XL H1 series camcorders



Low-angle Recording

Before You Begin Recording

Make a test recording first to check if the camcorder operates correctly. If necessary, clean the video heads.

  1. Remove the lens cap.
  2. Press the button and set the <POWER> dial to a recording program.

  3. Press the start/stop button to begin recording.
    - The tally lamp starts flashing, and the REC lamp on the viewfinder lights up.
    - Press the start/stop button again to pause recording.

When You Have Finished Recording

  1. Set the <POWER> dial to <OFF>.
  2. Replace the lens cap.
  3. Unload the cassette.
  4. Disconnect the power source.

  • After loading a tape and/or powering the camcorder on please wait until the tape counter stops completely before you start recording.
  • When you do not remove the cassette, you can record the next scene without producing any noise or blank sections between the recordings even if you turn the camcorder off.

Low-angle Recording

The carrying handle is equipped with a duplicate set of recording and zoom controls, ideal for lowangle recording. Slide the <LOCK> lever to the right to prevent accidental operation.



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