How to select the movie mode (normal/frame) on the GL2.

Article ID: ART156453 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to select the movie mode (normal/frame) on the GL2.


The frame mode can be used when you wish to look at a video, scene by scene, free from field slippage (the "flicker" that normally occurs when you pause a video). The vertical resolution of the image is improved by 1.5x. During playback, pause the video at any time if you would like to view a crystal clear still image in the display or on a connected TV screen. It is also possible to transfer your favorite still pictures to a PC for image enhancement and print out.

Since the frame rate is close to that of a movie, this mode can be used to create "cinematic-like appearance."

  1. Slide the program selector to (Program AE) mode.

  2. Open the menu and select CAM. SET UP.

  3. Select MOVIE MODE, set it to FRAME and close the menu.

    • FRAME appears in the display.


  • To return to normal video shooting, you need to re-select NORMAL from MOVIE MODE in the CAMERA menu. Frame mode cannot be used with the Easy Recording program.

  • Frame video may not appear completely smooth during normal playback.

  • The digital effects WIPE, OVERLAP, STROBE and TRAIL cannot be used when the MOVIE MODE is set to FRAME.



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