Viewfinder information during recording with the XL2 camcorder

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Viewfinder information during recording with the XL2 camcorder


Viewfinder/screen Displays during Recording

  1. Time code
    You can select between drop frame or non-drop frame time code.

  2. Remaining tape
    Indicates the remaining time of the tape in minutes." END" flashes when the tape reaches the end.
    - When the time left is less than 15 seconds, the remaining tape time may not appear.
    - Depending on the type of the tape, the indication may not be displayed correctly.

  3. Remaining battery charge
    The battery symbol indicates the charge status of the battery pack.

    - "" starts flashing in red when the battery pack is empty.
    - When you attach an empty battery pack, the power may turn off without displaying "".
    - The actual battery charge may not be indicated accurately depending on the condition under which battery pack and camcorder are used.

  4. When "" flashes
    " flashes in red when the lithium button battery is not installed, or when it needs replacing.

  5. Recording reminder
    The camcorder counts from 1 to 10 seconds when you start recording. This is helpful to avoid scenes that are too short.

  6. Center marker
    Use the center marker to accurately frame subjects.


Lights up when the shutter speed is changed from the following:

  • 60i : 1/60 of a second

  • 30p : 1/30 of a second

  • 24p : 1/48 of a second

REC lamp

Lights up during recording.
The REC lamp starts flashing when the remaining tape is less than 5 minutes (it does not flash when the remaining tape information is not displayed on the screen.)

GAIN lamp

Lights up when the AGC (auto gain control) becomes set to -3 dB or +3 dB or higher.

You can select the amount of information shown on the screen from full, partial or no display. The setting changes with each press of the <EVF DISPLAY> button.

Normal screen display

Audio level indicator, center marker, recording program, EXP lock, ND filter, custom preset, shutter speed, aperture, AE shift, gain, white balance, skin detail, warning, date/time*


No display

*When [GUIDE INFO] is set to [D/T DISPLAY].



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