Using the ND filter on the XL2 or XL H1 series camcorders

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Using the ND filter on the XL2 or XL H1 series camcorders


Using the ND Filter (Lenses with Built-in ND Filter)

When recording under bright conditions, the camcorder sets a small aperture value, and the picture may appear blurred. When you are using a lens with built-in ND filter, turn it on/off according to the screen display.

With the 20x L IS Lens or HD 20x L IS Lenses: Press the ND filter unlock button and turn the ND filter operating ring.

When the camcorder is set to Easy Recording or Auto mode, following displays appear:

Screen display

What it means

What you should do

No display ND filter is not activated


"ND" displayed ND filter is activated


"ND" flashes ND filter required Turn on the ND filter
"ND" flashes Lenses with ND filter on/off: External ND filter required

Lenses with selectable ND filter density: Higher density or external ND filter required

Select a higher density built-in ND filter or attach an external ND filter to the lens*.
"ND" flashes Built-in ND filter not required Turn off the ND filter

*If you have no external ND filter available, use the Tv mode and set a high shutter speed, or use the Av mode and set a small aperture value.

  • Turning on/off the ND filter changes the aperture setting. Readjust the aperture in Av mode as required.
  • Depending on the scene, the color may change when turning on/off the ND filter. In such case, setting a custom white balance may be effective.



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