How to use the VL-3 on the GL2.

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How to use the VL-3 on the GL2.


Using the optional Video Light enables you to record even in dark rooms. This VL-3 Video Light attaches to the camcorder's advanced accessory shoe for cable-free operation and is powered by the camcorder's power supply.

Refer to the VL-3 Video Light instructions for further details.

Turn the camcorder's power off before attaching/removing the Video Light.

  1. Slide the Video Light onto the accessory shoe and tighten the shoe lock.

    • Insert the Video Light oriented in the direction indicated by the arrow on the bottom until it clicks.

    • Be careful not to pull off the Video Light when fastening the screw.

  2. Set the camcorder to TAPE CAMERA mode or CARD CAMERA mode.

  3. Turn the Video Light's power switch to AUTO or ON.

    • (Connection) appears in the display.

    • ON: The Video Light stays on.

    • AUTO: The Video Light turns on/off automatically according to the level of brightness of the shooting conditions. In MANUAL recording program: If the Video Light was on at the time you switched to MANUAL, it stays on. If it was off at the time you switched to MANUAL, it stays off.


  • Be careful not to touch the bulb or the surrounding area during or immediately after use; it becomes very hot. Keep the Video Light away from flammable or plastic materials.

  • Do not look directly at the bulb while the Video Light is on.

  • Never carry the camcorder holding the Video Light.



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