Using the DM-50 with compatible camcorders

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Using the DM-50 with compatible camcorders


(GL2 pictured)

The high sensitive Directional Stereo Microphone DM-50 attaches to the advanced accessory shoe for cable-free operation and is powered by the camcorder's power supply. Use it when recording or dubbing audio.

For use with the XL2 or XL H1 see below

Refer to the DM-50 Microphone instructions for further details.

Turn the camcorder's power off before attaching/removing the microphone.

  1. Slide the microphone onto the accessory shoe and tighten with the shoe lock.

    • Insert the microphone oriented in the direction indicated by the arrow on the bottom until it clicks.

    • Be careful not to pull off the microphone when fastening the screw.

  2. Set the camcorder to TAPE CAMERA mode.

    • (Connection) appears in the display.

  3. Set the microphone's directivity switch.

SHOTGUN: For recording clear sound from the front (monaural).
STEREO 1: For recording sound from the front and surrounding area.
STEREO 2: For recording surrounding sound in a wider range than in STEREO 1.


  • Never carry the camcorder holding the microphone.

DM-50 directional microphone with XL2/XL H1

Microphones or the MA-300 microphone adapter when connected to the Advanced Accessory Shoe of the XL2 or XL H1 will only record to channels 3 and 4 when 12 bit audio recording is selected on the camcorder.

For additional information see the related information regarding 12 bit 4 channel audio recording.



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