How to use the MA-300 on the GL2.

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How to use the MA-300 on the GL2.


The MA-300 Microphone Adapter enables you to input audio to the camcorder with XLR connector equipped microphones, and to convert video signals for the BNC connector.

Refer to the MA-300 Microphone Adapter instructions for further details.

Attaching the Microphone Adapter to the Camcorder

Turn the camcorder off before attaching/detaching the microphone adapter.

  1. Slide the microphone adapter straight onto the camcorder' s accessory shoe.

    • Orient the microphone adapter in the direction indicated with an arrow on the bottom side and slide it in until it clicks.

  2. Tighten the shoe lock in the direction of the arrow.

Attaching the Microphone

Microphones with a diameter of 25 mm can be attached directly to the microphone adapter. Depending on how you attach the microphone, it may pick up some vibration noise.

  1. Loosen the microphone clamp screw and open the microphone clamp.

  2. Place the microphone into the microphone clamp and tighten the clamp screw.

    • Position the microphone so that it does not appear on the camcorder' s LCD or viewfinder screen.

  3. Connect the microphone to the audio input jack.

  4. Turn the camcorder' s power on.

    • (connection) appears on the camcorder' s LCD or viewfinder screen when the camcorder is in record or record pause mode.

    • The camcorder' s built-in microphone automatically turns off.


  • The accessory shoe of the microphone adapter is for exclusive use with microphones attached to a camera-mount.

  • To output video signals via the BNC connector, connect the supplied video cable to the VIDEO IN terminal and the camcorder' s AV terminal.



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