How to record still images on a memory card on the GL2.

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How to record still images on a memory card on the GL2.


You can record still images onto the memory card.

  • Moving pictures cannot be recorded onto a memory card.

  • Memory cards cannot record audio.

  • When you are using an SD Memory Card, make sure the protect switch is set to allow recording.

Make sure a memory card with enough memory available is inserted into the camcorder. While the card access indicator flashes, do not disconnect the power source or remove the memory card. Doing so could result in data damage.

  1. Slide the POWER switch to CAMERA and the TAPE/CARD switch to CARD.

    • The remaining number of images that can be recorded on the memory card, and other

      information appear in the display.

    • The camcorder will turn itself off if you are using a battery and do not operate the camcorder for more than about 5 minutes. Set the Standby lever to STANDBY.

  2. Press the PHOTO button halfway and hold it.

    • Exposure is locked.

    • During autofocus flashes white in the display as the camcorder adjust the focus and it is displayed continuously as a green mark when the camcorder is ready to take the still image.

  3. Press the PHOTO button fully down to record the still picture.

    • disappears from the display. The shutter sound sounds and simultaneously the display appears to close for an instant as if it were a shutter releasing.

    • The card access indicator flashes and the card access display appears in the display.


  • To use the self-timer, set the self-timer in the menu or on the wireless controller before step 3, and then press the PHOTO button fully down.

  • The wireless controller?s PHOTO button has no half-way setting. Press the button fully and the camcorder immediately takes the image.

The indicators that appear in the display when recording to a memory card:

Memory Card Indication:

- flashing in red: NO card
6 in green: 6 or more images
5 in yellow: 1 to 5 images
0 in red: No more images
6 flashing in red: SD memory card is protected
- flashing in red: Memory card cover is open
  • All indicators light in green when a memory card is played back.

  • The remaining capacity indication varies depending on the recording condition. The remaining number may sometimes not decrease or decrease by 2 images at a time.



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