Load paper into the multi-purpose tray

Article ID: ART156568 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


Load paper into the multi-purpose tray then press .


Loading Paper in Multi-purpose tray

  1. Remove the multi-purpose tray cover from the machine.

  2. Prepare a stack of paper by tapping it on a flat surface to even its edges.

  3. Open the paper guides to the approximate width of the stack.

  4. Insert the stack into the multi-purpose tray (1) (print side facing you and top edge first), then adjust the paper guides to the width of the paper (2).
    • Make sure there are no gaps between the paper guides and the paper stack.
  5. Replace the multi-purpose tray cover.
    • Be sure to replace this cover to prevent dust accumulating inside the machine.
  6. Press <Stop/Reset>.



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