Adjusting the Color Balance

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Adjusting the Color Balance


Adjusting the Color Balance

You can make fine adjustments to the color by varying the relative strength and density of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black for color copying. Toner density can be specified by the following procedure.

  1. Press <Menu>.

  2. Press <(-)> or <(+)> to select [COPY SETTINGS], then press <Set>.

  3. Press <(-)> or <(+)> to select [COLOR BALANCE], then press <Set>.

  4. Press <(-)> or <(+)> to select each color [BLACK], [CYAN], [MAGENTA] and [YELLOW], then press <Set>.

  5. Press <(-)> or <(+)> or use the numeric keys to specify the toner density, then press <Set>.
    You can specify the level from between 1 and 7. A value of 5 is the default setting. For the toner density indication, 1 is the lightest and 7 is the darkest.



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