Sending a Fax Using PC Faxing

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Sending a Fax Using PC Faxing


Sending a Fax Using PC Faxing

You can send a fax to multiple recipients in one operation.

  • You cannot send a fax when an error occurs in the machine.
  • A very large document may not be sent.
  • You can send up to 256 pages per fax (Based on ITU-T No. 1 Chart, Standard Mode.). A document of 257 pages or more needs to be sent in separate faxes.

  1. Open the document you want to fax in an application, then select the command to print. In most cases, click [Print] from the [File] menu. The [Print] dialog box appears.

  2. From the [Select Printer] list box or the [Name] pull-down list in the [Print] dialog box, select [Canon MF8100 Series (Fax)].

  3. Click [Print] or [OK].
    The [Fax Sending Settings] dialog box appears.

  4. In the [Fax Sending Settings] dialog box, enter the [Recipient Name] and [Fax Number], or select them from the Address Book, then click [Add to Recipient List].

    • You cannot send a fax without entering the [Recipient Name].
    • Up to 38 characters (excluding "-") can be entered in the [Fax Number] edit box.
    • Up to 85 characters can be entered in the [Recipient Name] edit box.
    • To select the [Recipient Name] and [Fax Number] from the Address Book, you must register them in the Address Book first.
    • You can register the recipient and his/her fax number in the Address Book so that you can use it in the future. Click [Add to Address Book] after entering the recipient name and fax number in the [Fax Sending Settings] dialog box. You can enter additional information, such as the company name and department, etc., in the [Edit Address Book] tab.

  5. Click [OK].

Characters and Symbols for Fax Numbers

You can use the following characters and symbols in the fax numbers you send from your computer or for a recipient you register in the Address Book.



0-9 * # For use in telephone and fax numbers
p To place a pause between numbers
P To place a pause at the end of an array of numbers.
T Numbers after the T will be sent as a tone signal.
R PSTN/PBX switchover function.
+ - ( ) . To make the number easier to read.



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