Making copies-IC D/PC 1000 Series

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Making copies


Making copies

  1. Press <Copy> to set to the Copy Mode.
    For the imageCLASS D "60/61" models, this operation is not required.

  2. Prepare the document and place it on the platen glass or load it face down in the ADF.

  3. Set the desired copy features.

    You can set the following features:

    Copy quantity
    Paper feeding location (cassette or multi-purpose tray)
    Image quality
    2 on 1
    Please note that you cannot change settings during copying.

  4. Press <Start> to begin copying.

    If the paper in the cassette or multi-purpose tray runs out during copying, the LCD displays [SUPPLY REC. PAPER]. Load paper in the cassette or load paper in the multi-purpose tray when it is used to feed paper. When paper is loaded, the machine automatically resumes copying.
    If you load paper while making copies, do not load a different paper size.
    You can reserve the next copy job while the machine is outputting copies.
    After the machine finishes copying, the setting will remain. However, if you press <Stop/Reset> or if no key is pressed for two minutes, the paper feeding location will be reset to the cassette, and other settings will also be reset to the default settings. (The time until the machine enters the [AUTO CLEAR] mode can be specified.
    The capacity of the output tray is 99 sheets (20 lb bond (80 g/m2 )) of paper. To prevent paper jams, remove paper from the output tray before the count reaches 99.



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