Setting up Caller ID on the B95

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Setting up Caller ID on the B95.


Caller ID

If the Caller ID setting is set to ON, the caller's name and phone/fax number appear on the display when a call is received. You can also set the fax to reject unwanted calls.

See below for B95 Operation Panel


  • To use this feature, you will need to subscribe for a Caller ID service.
  • The Caller ID feature on this machine uses ETSI EN 300778-1 protocol. ETSI EN 300778-1 protocol is on-hook data transmission. This model does not have Call-waiting ID capability.
  1. Press <Function>.

  2. Press <Start/Copy>.

  3. Press [<] or [>] to select [CALLER ID].

  4. Press <Start/Copy>.

  5. Press [<] or [>] to select [ON] or [OFF].
    1. To disable Caller ID, press [<] or [>] to select [OFF].
    2. Press <Start/Copy>.
    3. Press <Stop> to return to standby.
    4. To enable Caller ID, press [<] or [>] to select [ON] then proceed to step 6.

  6. Press <Start/Copy>.

  7. Press [<] or [>] to select the type of [CALL REJECTION] setting you want.
  8. CALL REJECTION Type Description
    ANONYMOUS The fax rejects calls from any callers who have blocked their phone/fax number from the Caller ID service.
    SELECTIVE The fax rejects calls from specific phone/fax numbers you place in [NUMBER TO REJECT] list (see below).
    OUT OF AREA The fax rejects calls from any caller in an area that does not have the Caller ID service.
    SHOWN IN HISTORY? Determine if the fax stores phone/fax number for rejected calls in memory.
  9. Press <Start/Copy>.

  10. Press [<] or [>] to select [ON] (Yes).

  11. Press <Start/Copy>.

    * If you set the option to OFF, the setting goes on to the next CALL REJECTION setting.
    * If you set SHOW IN HISTORY? to [YES] or [NO], the setting returns to [ANONYMOUS].

  12. If you set ANONYMOUS or OUT OF AREA to [ON], proceed to step 19.
    If you set SELECTIVE to [ON], register the specific phone/fax numbers you want to reject in NUMBER TO REJECT list. Follow the steps below.

  13. Press <Start/Copy>.

  14. Press [<] or [>] to select the number of NUMBER TO REJECT list (00-09) under which you want to register the phone/fax number.

  15. Press <Start/Copy>.

  16. Enter the phone/fax number using the numeric keypad.

  17. Press <Start/Copy>.

  18. To assign additional numbers, repeat the procedure from step 13.
    To finish, press <Function>.

  19. Press <Start/Copy>.

  20. Press [<] or [>] to select PLAY MESSAGE or DISCONNECT.

    * PLAY MESSAGE: The call will be disconnected after the ALT OUTGOING MSG is played. If you set SELECTIVE to ON in step 9, and want to select this setting, OUTGOING MESSAGE must have been recorded.
    * DISCONNECT: The call will be disconnected without notice.

  21. Press <Start/Copy>.

  22. Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.

FAXPHONE B95 Operator Panel

Click on either One-touch or TAM buttons for detailed information.

One-touch Buttons


TAM Buttons




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