Making copies with the PIXMA MP750 / MP780

Article ID: ART157245 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Making Copies

When making color or black & white copies, you can adjust the print resolution and density. You can also change reduction or enlargement settings.

  1. Load the document on the Platen Glass or the ADF.
  2. Press <COPY>.
  3. Select the paper source with <Feed Switch>.
  4. Use [<] or [>] to select the number of copies, or enter the number using the Numeric Keys (max. 99 copies).
  5. Adjust the settings for your document as necessary.
  6. Press <Color> for color copying, or <Black> for black & white copying.

Advanced Copy Features

2 on 1 copying Reduces two document pages to fit onto one page. Press [2 on 1].
Two-sided copying Reduces two document pages to a single sheet of paper. Press [Two-Sided].
Collation Makes multiple copies of a document delivered in sorted sets. Press [Collate].
Borderless copying Copies color images so that they fill the entire page without borders.
Repeating an image on a page Copies an image multiple times onto a single page.

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