Change the print order (Windows)

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Change the print order in Windows.


Change the print order (Windows)

The Reverse Order option prints pages in reverse order so that the first page is already at the top of the stack in the output tray. The Collate option is convenient for printing multiple copies of the document one copy (collated set) at a time.

The Reverse Order and Collate options are not available when any of the following functions or options is selected:

  • Booklet Printing
  • Poster Printing (Collate option is available)
  • Background Printing is disabled (In Windows Me or Windows 98)

    It is easy to confirm whether background printing is in progress. Open the printer driver's Properties dialog box, select Page Setup and click 'Printer Control'.
  1. Select the command you use to perform printing from the program you are using. (In general, select 'Print' on the File menu to open the Print dialog box.)
  2. Select your model name and click 'Preferences' (or 'Properties'). The printer driver setup window appears.

  3. Click the Page Setup tab.

  4. Specify the print order.

    (1) Reverse Order - Select this check box to print a multi-page document starting from the last

    Note: Depending on driver version, this option may display as 'Print from Last Page'.

    (2) Collate - Select this check box to print several collated sets of the same document:

    Note: Using 'Reverse Order' and 'Collate' options in the right combinations will improve the speed and efficiency of printing tasks.

  5. Click 'OK'.



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