Delete queued print jobs (Mac OS 9.x)

Article ID: ART157546 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Delete the queued print job in order to successfully print or print other queued jobs in the Macintosh operating system.


Delete Queued Print Jobs (Mac OS 9.x)

If a print job is corrupt and does not print clearly, does not print at all or is preventing other queued jobs from printing, delete the queued jobs.

The accumulated and queued documents in the computer can be deleted via the BJ PrintMonitor.

  1. Turn 'Backgrounding' on  in the Chooser to access the 'BJ PrintMonitor'.

    * The image is an example using the Canon i560 printer.  

  2. Click Finder and select 'BJ PrintMonitor'.

  3. Click to select the document to be deleted (document name) from the print queue list.  

  4. Click the right-most button on the toolbar of the 'BJ PrintMonitor' dialog to delete the selected document.

Deleting the accumulated and queued documents in the computer is completed.

Note:  If the print job does not complete, it may be necessary to disconnect the printer cable, power the printer off and on, and then reconnect the cable.



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