Fan paper prior to inserting it into the printer to ensure it feeds properly

Article ID: ART157581 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Fan paper prior to inserting into the auto sheet feeder.


Fan paper thoroughly

Fan paper prior to inserting it into the printer.

  1. Remove paper from the tray.

  2. Fan out the sheets of paper so that they do not stick together.

  3. Align the edges of the paper.

  4. Insert the stack of paper back into the tray (print side up for Auto Sheet Feeder, print side down for Cassette).

  5. Slide the paper guide(s) to fit the loaded paper stack.

  6. Press <Resume>.

  7. If printing from a Windows application, follow the instructions displayed on the computer monitor.


Do not use paper types listed below, which may cause printing problems.

  • Folded paper.
  • Wrinkled paper.
  • Wet paper.
  • Postcards with photos on the reverse side.
  • Postcards with photos or stickers attached.
  • Envelopes with a peelable seal.
  • Hole-punched paper.



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