Set Duplex Printing (Windows)

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Setting Duplex Printing (Windows)


Set Duplex Printing (Windows)

For details on how to set duplex printing, see below:

  1. Select 'Preferences' / 'Properties' from the Print dialog.

    Note: Properties may be indicated as Advanced, depending on the application software.

  2. Click the Page Setup tab.

  3. In the Printing Type section, select 'Normal-size Printing', 'Fit-to-Page Printing', 'Scaled Printing', or 'Page Layout Printing'.

  4. Select 'Duplex Printing'.

    * When a media type other than Plain Paper, Photo Paper Plus Double Sided, or Postcard is selected in the Media Type menu, duplex printing cannot be performed.
    * Automatic duplex printing on legal sized paper (8.5" x 14") is not supported. The paper sizes supported for automatic duplex printing are A4, letter (8.5" x 11"), A5, and 5" x 7".

  5. To perform automatic duplex printing, click 'Automatic'. When 'Automatic' is selected, the Print Area Setup button is active.

  6. Select the 'Staple Side'. The printer analyzes the 'Orientation' and 'Page Layout' settings, and automatically selects the best staple position. Check the 'Staple Side' setting. If you want to change the setting, select another value from the list.

    Note: If the 'Staple Side' is set incorrectly, back pages of the document may appear to be printed upside-down.

  7. When automatic duplex printing is performed, the printable area of the output document becomes narrower, and the printer may not be able to fit the contents into one page.

    Select 'Use normal-size printing' to print without reducing the scale.
    Select 'Use reduced printing' to perform reduced printing so that the data falls within the page.

    Select' Use normal-size printing' or 'Use reduced printing' and click OK.

  8. When the setting is completed, click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

  9. Setting duplex printing is completed.



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