Remove Jammed Paper From Cassette iP3000 / iP4000 / iP5000

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Instructions to remove jammed paper from the Cassette on the iP3000 / iP4000 / iP5000 printer.


Remove Jammed Paper From the Cassette

Instructions to remove jammed paper from the Cassette.

Caution:  The power cable should be disconnected from the unit when inspecting the paper path for obstructions.

Follow the procedures below, depending on the situation.

Note:  When the procedures below have been followed, yet paper cannot be removed, or the paper jam error cannot be resolved, the printer may require repair.

If paper is jammed when 4" x 6" sized paper is set in landscape orientation:

  1. Turn off the printer, and open the rear cover.

  2. Fold a sheet of A4 or letter sized plain paper in quarters, and push it into the paper path as far as it will go without forcing it.

  3. Turn on the printer, and wait until the jammed paper is ejected automatically.

When paper is jammed during normal printing:

To remove paper jammed in the cassette, follow this procedure:

  1. After pulling out the cassette and closing the paper output tray, while holding the printer, pull out the jammed paper slowly.

    Note: If the jammed paper cannot be pulled out, power the printer off, and then on again. The jammed paper may be ejected.

  2. If the jammed paper cannot be removed with the procedures above, or torn paper remains inside the printer, remove it after opening the top cover.

  3. Set paper in the cassette, and press the printer's Resume/Cancel button to resolve the error.

Note:  When the printer is powered off and then on again the print data sent to the printer will be erased.  Once the data has been erased, perform printing again.



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