Setting a custom print quality MP750 / MP780 (MacIntosh)

Article ID: ART157677 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Setting a custom print quality

You can finely adjust the print quality and halftone. Do the following from Quality & Media in the Print dialog box.

  1. Select 'Detailed Setting' under Print Mode.

  2. Configure the detailed settings according to preference.
    • Print Quality
      Move the slider to the right for higher print quality and to the left for faster printing speed.
      Some print quality may not be selectable depending on the Media Type.
    • Halftoning
      Select how the halftone parts of the image will be expressed.
      • Dither
        Dither creates halftones using pixels arranged in a fixed pattern. Dithering is suitable for graphs and charts with well-defined color boundaries.
      • Diffusion
        Diffusion creates halftones by arranging image pixels randomly. Diffusion is suitable for photographs and graphs that require a fine color gradation.

      Some halftone rendering methods may not be selectable depending on the combination of Media Type and Print Quality settings.



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