Perform deep print head cleaning (Mac OS X) iP4000/iP5000
Article ID: ART157757 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Deep print head cleaning instructions iP4000 (Mac OS X)


Follow the steps below to perform a Deep Print Head Cleaning (Mac OS X):

Note: After confirming that the cable is connected and the printer is powered on, perform the following.

Note: In versions of Mac OS X older than 10.4, open the IJ / BJ Printer Utility from the Library>Printers>Canon>BJPrinter>Utilities folder.
  1. In the Apple menu select System Preferences

  2. Open Print & Fax.

  3. Make sure the correct printer is selected and, depending on OS version, click 'Open Print Queue...' or 'Print Queue...'.

  4. Click the Utility icon.

  5. Select the printer, then click 'Maintenance'.

  6. From the pop-up menu, select Cleaning.

  7. Click the Deep Cleaning icon.

  8. Select the ink tank color(s) for Deep Cleaning (All Colors, Black, or Color).

  9. Confirm the message, and then click the OK button.

  10. The Power lamp will blink and print head Deep Cleaning will start. Deep Cleaning completes when the Power lamp stops blinking and lights. (It will take about a minute for the Power lamp to stop blinking and light solid.)

  11. Print a Nozzle Check Pattern to determine if further cleaning is necessary.

  12. Press hold the <Resume> button on the front of the printer until the Power light flashes twice.

  13. After the Nozzle Check Pattern is printed, examine the grid pattern (top) and the bar pattern (bottom).

  14. Check the grid pattern at the top to see if any lines are missing and check the bar patterns for white lines.

    Grid Pattern

    Bar Pattern