Paper handling instructions for avoiding paper feed issues

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Paper Handling Instructions


Proper Paper Handling Instructions

If using curled paper, such as is shown below, paper feeding problems or smudging may occur.

(1) Print surface

Note: When using Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, even if the sheet is curled, load one sheet at a time as it is. If you roll up this paper to flatten, this may cause cracks on the surface of the paper and reduce the print quality.

Bend the paper in the opposite direction, as shown below before loading it into the printer.

(1) Printing surface

  1. Place a sheet of paper on the printing side of the paper to be printed on.

    Print quality may deteriorate if the print surface is touched by hand.

    (1) Print surface

  2. To bend the paper, hold the paper in a rounded shape for about 10 seconds.

  3. Remove the paper not to be used in printing, and confirm that, when laid flat with the print side up, the center of the paper to be printed on is raised between 2 to 5mm.

    (1) Print surface


As the following paper may cause problems in the printer, do not use them:

- Thick paper: Paper heavier than 105 gm2 (28 lb) (corrugated paper, etc.)

- Thin paper: Paper lighter than 64 gm2 (17 lb) (tracing paper, thin letter paper, etc.)

- Paper with no rigidity

- Folded, wrinkled, or torn paper

- Wet or soiled paper

- Paper smaller than 54 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) (2.13" x 3.39") (sheet feeder)

- Paper smaller than 89 mm (W) x 127 mm (H) (3.50" x 5.00") (cassette)

- Non-rectangular paper

- Paper with adhesives

- Paper with holes (However, loose leaf can be used in the sheet feeder only.)

- Paper in bound form (such as a notebook)

- Photo postcards or postcard with image seals

- Non-empty envelopes

- Envelopes with double flaps or flaps with adhesive

- Embossed or coated paper, post cards, and envelopes

- Newspaper, flyers, tissue paper, etc.

- Media other than paper, such as cloth and plastic

- Folded reply post cards



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